Past Group Members

Will Bowman backpackWilliam Bowman

Oxygen Ion Conductors




Steve D'SouzaSteven D’Souza



Ben MillerBen Miller

Development and Application of Operando TEM to a Ruthenium Catalyst for CO Oxidation

liuxian_smLiuxian Zhang

Atomic Level Study of Structural changes of TiO2 Based Photocatalysts During Solar Water Splitting Reactions using TEM



2014_Adam Pocock Headshot

Adam Pocock

In Situ Analysis of Tantalate Photocatalysts



Headshot_Cruz Hernandez_Oct2013Cruz Hernandez

Oxygen Ion Conductors





Chelsey Chelsey McAlpinMcAlpin

Operando TEM, in-situ analysis of tantalate photocatalysts




Jiangt_4061597ao Zhu (Headway Technologies)

zahra's website photoZahra Hussaini (NIST)






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 Trevor Barker

Sanjita_smSanjitarani Santra 

Catalysts for Solar Fuel Production

rio_smRio Cavendish (Intel)

Metal Nanocatalyst for Fuel Reforming






Vaneet Sharma (Intel)
Cerium-based Oxides for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anodes




santhosh Photo2Santhosh Chenna 
Metal Nanocatalysts for Fuel Reforming




RituPhotograph2Ritubarna Banerjee
Catalysts for Hydrogen Production





Christy Sperson_silouetteennavongsa

Oxygen Ion Conductors




Nolan Walker

TEM Image simulation



person_silouetteCesar Leyva Porras
Catalysts for Solar Fuel Production




person_silouetteRuigang Wang
Synthesis and Atomic Level In Situ Redox Characterization in Ceria and Ceria Zirconia