Josh Vincent

JoshVincentJosh joined the group as a chemical engineering PhD student in the Fall of 2016. He graduated with a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Maryland (UMD). As an undergraduate assistant in the UMD Energy Research center, he characterized the catalytic performance of electrospun ceria nanofibers for the water-gas shift reaction. As a research intern at Redox Power Systems, Josh fabricated novel nanostructured electrodes for solid oxide fuel cells. Outside of the lab, he enjoyed exploring the philosophical and sociological aspects of science — he participated actively in UMD’s Science, Technology and Society (STS) Scholar’s program, and he TA’d for the program twice. Josh holds a certificate in STS studies.


Josh’s research aims to develop the operando TEM technique for advanced catalyst characterization. With its ability to quantify catalytic performance while providing simultaneous insight on the atomic-level structure of the catalyst, operando TEM offers an invaluable tool to catalysis research.