March, 2017

Congrats to Kartik and Diane! They were each granted M&M Student Scholar Awards for the upcoming Microcopy & Microanalysis conference, which provides substantial financial support and meeting registration.

Congratulations Ethan! He recently won his third poster prize at the Arizona Imaging and Microanalysis Society Conference and was also granted the prestigious Kokes Award from the North American Catalysis Society.

October, 2016

Will successfully defended his dissertation research titled: Correlating nanoscale grain boundary composition with electrical conductivity in ceria. Congratulations, Dr. Bowman! He now holds a postdoctoral research position at MIT.

September, 2016

An article about the group was published in Full Circle, an ASU news source for engineering alumni and friends. You can access the article here.

July, 2016M&M logo

Qianlang, Will, Ethan, Kartik, Diane and Peter attended Microscopy & Microanalysis in Columbus, Ohio. All presented papers in the form of talks and/or posters and Ethan won best poster for the second year in a row! Peter presented awards during the Monday morning plenary session.

carbon conference logo

Steven attended and presented a poster at Carbon 2016 in State College, Pennsylvania.

May, 2016

sotl logos

Diane attended Science Outside the Lab: The Future of Nanotechnology, a week long workshop held in Washington D.C. sponsored by the Nanotechnology Collaborative Infrastructure Southwest and the National Science Foundation.

In collaboration with Dr. Katia March of Université Paris-Sud in Orsay, Will, Cruz and Peter had an article published in Ultramicroscopy. The article is titled “Measuring band-gap states in individual nonstoichiometric oxide nanoparticles: The praseodymium-ceria case” [Ultramicroscopy 167 (2016) 5-10].

February, 2016

Will gave a seminar entitled “Correlative Electron Microscopy across Length Scales to Elucidate Grain Boundary Transport in Non-Stoichiometric Oxides” at the Interdisciplinary Center for Electron Microscopy (CIME) at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.

August, 2015

2015 MM Portland

Qianlang, Ethan, Ben, Nolan, Steven, Will and Peter attended the Microscopy and Microanalysis Meeting in Portland, Oregon in August.  They all presented papers, and Ethan won a poster award. Peter presented the awards section of the Monday morning plenary session.

Will and Peter followed the M&M meeting by attending the Nion Co. Open House in Seattle, WA. Will also attended the week-long Nion Swift scripting workshop.

Will has been awarded the NSF GRFP Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide travel award to study for eight months at  ETH Zurich. He will work in the Department of Materials’ Electrochemical Materials Group under Prof. Jennifer Rupp.

June, 2015

Ben, Qianlang and Peter presented papers at the North American Catalysis Society in Pittsburgh, PA. Qianlang won the Graduate College Scholarship to attend the meeting.  Congratulations to Qianlang.

Will attended the Solid State Ionics meeting in Keystone, Colorado to present several papers on grain boundary electrical properties and conductivity.

May, 2015


Congratulations to Chelsey (BSE), Cruz (BSE), Kimberly (BSE), Marion (BSE) and Dexuan (MS) for graduating from ASU Materials Science and Engineering!

April, 2015

15 spring mrs san francisco

Qianlang, Will and Peter traveled to San Francisco, California for the Spring Meeting of the Materials Research Society where they each gave talks and presented a poster.

September, 2014


Ben, Qianlang, Will and Peter traveled to Prague, Czech Republic to participate in the quadrennial International Microscopy Congress. Each presented a talk and poster throughout the action-packed week. Plenty of hard work and fun made this an intellectually rewarding meeting, and a truly memorable experience. Congratulations to Ben, Qianlang and Will for winning dual travel awards from the Microscopy Society of America and the International Microscopy Congress! Be sure to check out the gallery page for details.

Will, Peter and Qianlang at the Congress Party

Will, Peter and Qianlang at the Congress Party

Ben, Qianlang and Peter in sight-seeing formation in Prague

Ben, Qianlang and Peter in sight-seeing formation in Prague

August, 2014


Ben, Liuxian, Qianlang, Will and Peter traveled to the annual Microscopy and Microanalysis meeting in Hartford, CT. The group presented numerous posters and presentations. Congratulations to Ben for winning the poster prize for Best Physical Science Poster, and to Will for winning the Presidential Scholar Student Award! See you next year for M&M 2015 in Portland, OR!

2014_Peter JEN_1306

Peter addressing the meeting’s plenary session

Will accepting the M&M Presidential Scholar Award

Will accepting the M&M Presidential Scholar Award




Ben, Liuxian, Qianlang and Will all won student travel awards from the IMC 2014 meeting! This will help pay for travel to the international microscopy meeting in Prague in September, 2014. Ben, Qianlang and Will also received student travel awards from the Microscopy Society of America to help cover expenses for this meeting.

July, 2014


GRC2014_wills poster

Will traveled to South Hadley, Mass. to participate in the Solid State Studies in Cermics Gordon Research Conference at Mount Holyoke College.  Will presented a poster and interacted with many ceramic researchers from around the world.

April, 2014

2014 MRS spring logo 2014-04-25 11.40.312014-04-25 09.51.362014-04-23 08.12.092014-04-23 17.25.212014-04-25 11.40.01SF-photo-2 SF-photo-1Peter, Liuxian and Will traveled to San Francisco to present at the Materials Research Society’s spring meeting. The meeting was a lot of fun and work–the group worked late into the nights perfecting slides. The trip was not all work, however, the meeting closed with a celebratory ferry journey.


Arizona State University Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative

We are delighted to announce that Kimberly and Will have both received awards.  Kimberly has been selected to participate in the Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative (FURI) to perform research with us this summer and fall.  Will is a winner of a Presidential Student Award from the Microscopy Society of America for one of the papers he has submitted for the conference in August.

January, 2014


Will’s participation in a recent outreach event with the ASU chapter of the Electrochemical Society was highlighted in Interface, the society’s periodical. The ECS chapter recently visited the Phoenix Ironmen Network to conduct an interactive workshop focused on renewable and electrochemical energy. The full story is available hereASU ECS Officers (from left to right) pictured are William Bowman, Community Outreach Coordinator; Iolanda Klein, Secretary; Tylan Watkins, Recruitment Coordinator; and Telpriore “Greg” Tucker, President.

December, 2013

Arizona State University Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative

Cruz has been selected to participate in the Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative (FURI) for the Spring of 2014. he will work with Will on fabrication and characterization of oxygen ion-conducting ceramics.

October, 2013

Headshot_Cruz Hernandez_Oct2013The group is pleased to announce the addition of materials science and engineering undergraduate research assistant Cruz Hernandez. Cruz will work with Will on the characterization of ceria-based oxygen ion conductors.

August, 2013

asu nasa space grant logo

Zahra is awarded the Fall 2013 ASU/NASA Space Grant Internship to continue her work on simulations of electron energy loss spectra of oxides for solid oxide fuel cells and photocatalysts.

Peter, Ben, Liuxian, Qianlang, Jiangtao and Will travel to Indianapolis, Indiana to present papers at the Microscopy Society of America’s 2013 Microscopy and Microanalysis meeting.

July, 2013

Arizona State University Graduate College

Qianlang and Liuxian win the ASU Graduate and Professional Student Association travel grant for travel to the Microscopy Society of America’s 2013 Microscopy & Microanalysis Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana.

May, 2013


Peter chaired the 2013 International Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy Meeting on Enhanced Data Generated by Electrons (EDGE) in Sainte- Maxime, France. His duties also included presenting papers on the ongoing works of Jiangtao and Ben.

April, 2013

23NA catalysis NAM_logo

Ben and Liuxian have won the North American Catalysis Society Kokes Award. They will both travel to Louisville, KT to present papers and receive their awards.


Arizona State University Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative

Trevor has been selected to participate in the Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative (FURI) for the Summer of 2013 to work on operando TEM of catalysts.

March, 2013

aims 2013 logo

Qianlang wins Best Student Poster Award at the 2013 meeting of the Arizona Imaging and Microanalysis Society in Tuscon, AZ.


asu molecular imaging corp logo

 The ASU Physics Department awards Zahra the Molecular Imaging Corporation scholarship for the 2013-2014 academic year.